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St. Croix, as a U.S. territory, is the easternmost point in the United States of America at Point Udall. From the east end to the west end of St. Croix, you can find examples upon examples of our rich culture and history.

That can be through our music with roots in calypso, steel pan drums or reggae. It can be through dance with Caribbean, West Indian and European roots and flair.

It can be through seeing the stilt dancing mocko jumbies and carnival troupes during our Crucian Christmas Festival and other cultural events. It can be through our beautiful and creative arts and crafts that you can view and even take home as reminders of your special time here.

The reason St. Croix’s culture is so diverse is because history has brought many national influences and traditions to this part of the Caribbean. Our history and culture has been influenced by Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, the Knights of Malta, Denmark and the United States. Our prevalent Danish history is reflected in the island's buildings and architecture.

National and historic parks are key landmarks on St. Croix. Christiansted National Historic Site showcases colonial development of the Virgin Islands. D. Hamilton Jackson Park is a serene setting on the bay featuring a historic fort and a marked, self-guided walking tour. Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve is a unit of the National Park Service that preserves upland watersheds, mangrove forests, and marine environments that support threatened and endangered species. Our museums tout and explain local history going back centuries.

Most importantly, you can experience so much history and culture simply by moving around St. Croix during your stay. It reflected on pretty every street and roadway. It’s in our food and music. It’s in buildings and places you’ll visit. It’s our stories and conversations and our spirit.

Come enjoy and embrace our fascinating and culture and history that will most certainly touch and flavor your visit!

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